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Leica - P

This project has no direct affiliation with the brand.

Value Proposition

A productive next-generation cellphone of Leica that enhances the photo-taking experience with swappable lenses.


Spring 2020 - 4 weeks


Product Design

3D Modeling - Solidworks

Rendering - Keyshot

I use my camera, Leica-M to tell my true stories and document my life.
It’s enough to fill myself with joy to see someone else being happy.

I use my lens to capture these important moments and personal insights. 

It showed my favorite streets, my loved people, my secret spots, and rituals.

Every photo matters to me.


 I also craft projects about what matters most to others.


I become an observer, also a participant in their impressive moments.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 3.54.03 PM.png

I want to translate Leica's heritage to a new market

and introduce photography to more people.


Leica-P is a productive cellphone that enhances the photo-taking experience with swappable lenses. Leica-P makes you truly rely on your ability to concentrate and think through each frame to the main details. This phone makes you fall in love with the process. It helps find new meanings and capture them.


Swappable Lense

To enhance the photo quality and promote users to fully experience the process of photo-taking, Leica-P is able to change the lens. With the Leica lens, the phone opens up new dimensions of image quality, so photographers can dive deeper into every scene with this thin and light device.



Translate Leica's tradition of excellence, The body is made from aluminum and magnesium, combined with Leica's iconic diamond pattern leather to offer a confident and rugged, yet exquisite, feel.


Design Language

Follow the design language established by Leica's classical products, give users satisfying feedback that helps original loyal users keep the phone in tune with their other Leica products. Add subtle details to create an innovative look.


Stay Connected

The Leica-P features Blue-tooth connectivity for wireless connection with your camera. In combination with your Leica camera, this makes it possible to quickly and easily edit pictures, or remotely control the shutter release of the camera.

Brave the elements
Get the shot every time, anywhere.


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